Adventures of a Scribe

‘Edward Monteger has grown up in a family of scribes learning about the world around him through books in his family’s shop. Not wanting to be consigned to his fate scribbling away all day or managing a shop, he takes matters into his own hands. Striking forth into the wide world, he makes friends on his journey, and experiences the joy of victory to the agony of defeat.’

Set in a Fantasy LitRPG world there is balance of all aspects one might expect to find from crafting, mana, and fighting. Discovering the forces that control his world Edward is a scientist at heart without knowing the word or even the concept behind it. Struggling against monsters, humans, and the forces of necromancy, he overcomes hardship to grow as an individual and as an adventurer.

My Opinion: 226 pages, $5.99. Not on Kindle Unlimited.

This novel costs about double what I’d normally pay for the page count and it’s not on Kindle Unlimited. However, it still gets my wholehearted recommendation.

This novel had me hooked from page one. It mixes LitRPG with a more culturally accurate medieval society. I’d even go so far as describing it as a sort of historical fiction LitRPG. I loved it!

In a preface the author tells the reader that he intentionally included some more historically accurate aspects of medieval life, like that the age of adulthood would have been around 12 years old and that drinking alcohol was a matter of survival since people poured their sewage into their water sources. There are also very detailed social customs and taboos around hoarding knowledge that I found fascinating.

Of course there are plenty of game mechanics: levels, skills, magic, experience from killing monsters. However, it’s handled very as an aspect of the social culture.

If you want action, crafting, adventure, detailed magic systems, this novel has them all. Can’t recommend this one enough. I mean who knew being a scribe could be so cool?

Score: 8 out of 10

Adventures of a Scribe