Daily Adventure Story

Underworld - Level up or Die!

Elorion has just finished a VR gaming session to find a monster waiting for him. With nineteen other students who have also been kidnapped, he is now subject to the whims of a thousand year old succubus and must survive deep under the earth in the lost realm of the Underworld. Gifted with the ability to use magic and advance in power, he is given an ultimatum.

Level Up or Die!

CHRONICLES of a PC Gamer Stuck Inside an RPG: Book One: Duelist


Meet Lawrence Eugene Mulligan. By day, he is a fantasy writer in his mid-30s with a questionable work ethic. By night, he is a hardcore PC gamer who enjoys power leveling his way through one fantasy RPG after another. After one such typical day and night, Lawrence wakes up to find himself in a new world, a fantasy gaming world.

Told mainly from Lawrence's perspective, CHRONICLES follows the adventures of a seriously flawed main character as he seeks to achieve the game's objective: to become king. Or else, he will spend the rest of his life trapped inside this gaming world. Along the way, Lawrence will meet NPCs who will either help him or hinder him in his quest. He must carefully choose which persons, factions, and gods to align with. His well-traveled journey will take him from a frontier town on the Western end of the continent of Britannia to other parts of the Kingdom of Merlin, as well as to other elemental planes.

CHRONICLES is an unusual story which heavily emphasizes the slice-of-life element, and the book spends an average of 15 chapters to cover each day of Lawrence's life in this new world. Book One follows the protagonist as he learns the way of the sword and becomes a duelist by happenstance rather than by choice. The first book covers only his first week inside the gaming world

An Adventurer's Heart: Book 2 of the Adventures on Brad

Having returned from their time with the Army, Daniel and Asin must now complete the Dungeon in Karlak. To do so though, they will need to get better gear,more Skills and higher Levels. Taking a quest, the pair must leave Karlak to travel across the Kingdom of Brad and learn a few life-lessons along the way.

The Tales of Brad series is a traditional fantasy story with LitRPG elements.

Life in the North: An Apocalyptic LitRPG (The System Apocalypse Book 1)

All John wanted to do was get away for his life in Kluane National Park for a weekend. Hike, camp and chill. Instead, the world comes to an end in a series of blue boxes, animals start evolving and monsters start spawning. Now, he has to survive the apocalypse, get back to civilisation and not lose his mind.

Life in the North is Book 1 of the System Apocalypse, a LitRPG Apocalypse book that combines modern day life, science fiction and fantasy elements along with game mechanics.

A Healer's Gift: Adventures of Brad: Book 1 (Adventures on Brad)

Daniel was Gifted by the gods at birth, able to heal with a touch even the most grievous wounds. Born in a mining camp, he's unable to still his restless heart and journey's to a nearby Dungeon town to take his first steps as an Adventurer. Follow his journey in a world filled with monsters, dungeons and a leveling system. A traditional fantasy story with LitRPG elements.

Adventures on Terra- Book 1: Beginnings

Armon Ellington is nineteen year old kid that always felt out of place. He’s an orphan, a gamer, and a role playing game geek. When he dies after a seventy-two hour gaming marathon, instead of going to an afterlife he’s transported to a new world governed by rules that are eerily similar to the RPG games he loves. On this new world, Terra, he can be anything he wants, a warrior, mage, or even a crafter. Only, Armon wants more than that, he also wants friends and family.