A.T. Gilbert

Depths of Camlan: A LitRPG Adventure (Camlan Realm Book 2)

Asher is back in Camlan Realm, this time at the special request of Toterra Online’s developers. He and a party of five other players must go deep into the game to recover what is causing all the errors and glitches before time runs out.

Quest for Camlan: A LitRPG Adventure (Camlan Realm Book 1)

The game is life.

Asher Duncan lives for the hours he spends in Toterra Online, his favorite MMORPG. His job and apartment are barely worth noticing, but he logs into the game and all that fades away. When Toterra Online announces the Camlan Challenge and chance to win one of only twelve spots in their newest game, Asher is determined to beat them all, even if it means quitting his job to play.

Camlan Realm is full of all of the best parts of a fantasy game -- goblins, mysterious loot, magic spells -- and if it weren’t for his constant obsession with the Camlan Challenge leaderboard, Asher could just play.

But once logged in, Asher realizes that playing against both the game and the other eleven gamers might be more than he is ready for.

He’s put everything on the line just to be here. Can Asher compete against both the professional gamers and the game’s own trials to win the Camlan Challenge and not lose it all?