Somerset (The Rules Book 1)



A land of mystery and magic! You have been chosen by our Illustrious Overlord to take part in The Rules: a no holds barred death-match, to see who among you is the most powerful. You have been transported here against your will. The only way back is to reach level 100 and defeat the final boss. Please do be careful with your life, as it is the only one you’ll get.

Have a pleasant match, and remember, we’re always watching…

When Sam wakes up in a strange new world with a message floating before his eyes, he thinks he's hallucinating. However, he soon discovers a land filled with dungeons, monsters, angry gnomes, and even worse, talking dogs!

Warning: Contains profanity and content that may not be suitable for children. This is a LitRPG book, containing multiple stat sheets, message windows, dungeons and epic loot.

My Opinion: 361 pages, $3.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

The story doesn't do anything to distinguish itself from any other transported to a game world story. The slice life adventure is not bad, but it isn't special. There is a bit of humor, that if it lands for you may like this story more than I did. But what turned me off were the characters. The main character (MC) and his animal companion start their relationship off rather aggressively arguing and they never seem to like each other. So frankly, neither did I. I was never given a reason to like the MC or root for him.

The premise of the story, that the MC was kidnapped and had to level to 100 and then beat the world's God, never made sense to me and there was never given a good explanation of why it was all happening.

There's lots of crunchy numbers here for those that enjoy that. However, most of the RPG game mechanics are standard. With the exception of the new daily 'rule' that had to be followed by the MC. This was meant to add a random and potentially humourous element to the game mechanics but I just found it annoying and arbitrary.

Overall, the writing isn't bad. But the story just didn't work for me. There were just a few elements that kept bothering me and nothing really special to push me back into enjoying it.

Score: 6 out of 10

Somerset (The Rules Book 1)