Legends of Tarthirious: The Complete Collection


The complete collection of the Legends of Tarthirious saga.

My Opinion: 853 pages, $2.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

The Legends of Tarthirious series is composed of five separate stories originally published as a kind of serial series. The first book is my favorite. It has so much potential. It setup a world where citizens of the U.K. had to pay back the national debt by a certain period or they'd get deported. Kylia, the main character (MC) was not only responsible for her part of the debt, but an inherited portion from her family when they died. The game she plays is her way to get ahead and pay. Otherwise she faces deportation. This is a good premise, it makes the game stuff matter. It also introduces this threat from rebel forces that want to take the system down. Good real world stuff too.

Unfortunately, starting right from book 2 the premise shifts. It becomes more about moving Kylia and trying to keep her out of the hands of the 'bad guys.' The game stuff, while still a big part of the content of the novels, stops mattering to the story. Since Kylia no longer has any hope of paying her debt back all she's really playing for is fun, to hang out with her boyfriend, or just to kill some time till the story gets back to the real world stuff. Even though some of the game stuff it is entertaining as short stories, they don't effect the novel story at all. Which makes them ultimately feel pointless and like filler.

I kept reading each novel in the series hoping it would get better or at least as interesting as the first book but it never did. The  last book felt a bit rushed to tie everything up and while it does, overall the whole thing wasn't very satisfying.

Score: 6 out of 10