The New Party: VirTim LitRPG Episode 1


The sirens are blaring. The nuclear missiles are on their way. You have only minutes left to live. What do you do? Play an online fantasy RPG, of course.

Virtual time dilation (VirTim) means that even a few minutes of real time can become weeks, months or years of subjective game time. Ryan is one of those who flee the holocaust to a VirTim world.

But something in the Realms of Ralonus is very wrong...


My Opinion: 29 pages, $0.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

For the number of pages this is a good KU read but not as a straight purchase. It sets up the premise of Ryan choosing to use time compression in a MMO to extend the last minutes of his life as long as possible. Only when he gets into the game, he finds the place has changed. He feels extreme pain when hit, and safe zones aren’t so safe. Thankfully he meets a sexy rogue that he can team up with.

A story has a good setup. The RPG mechanics are consistent and death has real meaning since respawning means losing precious time compression minutes.  The combat isn’t great but the idea that this guy’s last refuge has turned into something bad is intriguing enough to get me to read the next episode.

Score: 7 out of 10

The New Party: VirTim LitRPG Episode 1