World Tree Online: The Duchess of Hammers: 2nd Dive Begins


Bye-bye is back! Just a week since the 1st Dive came to an end, Bye-bye and his friends find themselves in Root City, a city built-up around the World Tree itself. This sprawling metropolis is filled with potential and danger in equal measure.

Barely logged in and just starting to put plans in place for the month-long dive into the World Tree Online, they are quickly entangled in a quest with far-reaching consequences should they fail. Charged with ensuring Duchess of Hammerton survives the next week to make it home. Standing in their way, a love cult bound and determined to kidnap her. If that wasn’t enough, there are those who plot in the dark places hidden just under the surface of Root City.

Can Bye-bye and his friends survive the aptly nicknamed Duchess of Hammers and the trouble that follows her?

My Opinion: 483 pages, $3.49, Available on Kindle Unlimited

A fine sequel. It captures all the adventure from book 1 and kicks it up a notch with better pacing. The storytelling in book 2 is much tighter and though the plot arc sometimes gets a little twisty as you follow the characters on their many side quests, the path always leads you back to the main storyline. There’s good level and skill training, good group banter, and of course good LitRPG action-adventure.

Score: 7.6 out of 10

World Tree Online: The Duchess of Hammers: 2nd Dive Begins