Gamer Girl Caught in the Game: An Erotic LitRPG Adventure

Carly is off to slay the Dark Lord that trapped her in the game.

All the warrior-mage Carly wants to do is kill orcs, goblins, and kobolds, trash dungeons, and celebrate her victories with her Guild mates. It is going great. She is a rising star in her warrior's guild, kicking butt and taking names. But in that PvP game, a player's fortunes can turn on a dime.

Carly is leading the charge into the dark tower, earning experience points, leveling up, and scoring loot. She's about to take down Dark Lord Artimus, when the evil wizard strikes her down instead. Only he doesn't just kill her, sending her avatar back to respawn in town. That isn't cruel enough for the wizard. He kills her character permanently, and traps her in a humiliatingly lowly character. And then he takes away her ability to log out of the game.

Now Carly's in a race against time to find and defeat Artimus. Her only goal is to force the wizard to reverse his curse before the authorities disconnect her body from the game, trapping her inside forever. But along the way, she encounters men and creatures who have other ideas about what she should do, and who she should do.

This LitRPG book is adult themed, both bloody and sexy. Prudes and the squeamish should avoid lest your hold on sanity be shaken.


My Opinion: 102 pages, $0.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

Carly plays the best full immersion fantasy VR game around. It lets players do anything, including have sex. Unfortunately, when her guild conquers the castle of a dark wizard, he curses her with some strange magic that not only deletes the avatar she’s using but traps her in a new low level one and prevents her from logging out of the game. Now she has to try to figure out how to escape before the doctors unplug her body from the game, potentially killing her.


This story takes the Trapped in the Game trope and mixes it with action and lots of graphic sex.

As Carly, the main character (MC), figures out her situation, fights, explores the world, and figures out how to get the wizard that trapped her, she also has lots of sex with lots of fantasy creatures. The main character’s new class, Wench of Easy Virtue, also contributes to her enhanced sex drive. In total, the novel has 18% of story text full off graphic sex scenes.

However,  the story also has detailed game mechanics and that it consistently uses that makes it LitRPG. Because of all the sex the MC has a sex skill of like 20. But also has sword fighter and forager skills from using them. There’s an inventory system, levels, health, mana, and stamina.

For me, the sex is a distraction from a pretty good LitRPG story. Except the ending. The ending sucks and is not satisfying. No pun intended. It’s that ending that knocks it down from a 7.

Score: 6 out of 10.

Gamer Girl Caught in the Game: An Erotic LitRPG Adventure