The Bard: A LitRPG Short Story (The Greenwood Book 4)

Romeo el Mejor, best bard in the world, or at least in the City of Vinab in the virtual reality massively multiplayer online game: The Greenwood, is about to put on a play when a goddess appears and asks him to run an errand for her.

She promises him a +10 boost to all stats for a month, so how could he refuse?

She is also remarkably pretty.

A light hearted LitRPG short story set in the Greenwood.


My Opinion: 66 pages, $0.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

Most stories portray the Bard as a loser class that only works in a group as someone that buffs other. This is a story that advocates that the Bard is actually one of the most powerful classes when played correctly.

The MC is tasked with recovering a Magic mirror from a necromancer. He uses his music and acting skill set to find the clues to accomplish this goal.

The Bard’s class skills are used in the story to make him wealthy in game. However, where the story shines for me is at the end when the Bard enters combat and shows off what he can do. That part was way too brief though.

Score: 6 out of 10.

The Bard: A LitRPG Short Story (The Greenwood Book 4)