Master Of The Game (Gabria Online Book One)

After a terrible accident ruins his life, Daniel finds a new one inside of Gabria Online, the world's first Virtual Reality MMORPG. Inside of Gabria, Daniel is a Mesmer: a support class that uses hypnosis and mind control to weaken enemies before Charming them into turning against their compatriots. He loves exerting control and dominance almost as much as he loves being able to walk again, and his tactical skills make him excellent at turning battlefields into total chaos.

But when Daniel finds a strange tower in the woods that leads to a secret developer-built treasure room, he patches the ENTIRE GAME WORLD into a shocking new form. Suddenly players are able to hurt each other with swords and spells - and death has more consequence than a simple respawn! And Daniel discovers that Mesmers have the ability to use their powers to control other players - like the gorgeous elf girl he's been lusting after for weeks...


My Opinion: About 40 pages, $2.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

Warning: Half of this story is a graphic sex scene. The author has a slew of other erotic stories about women, through one means or another, becoming submissive, sexy beings.

This fiction is really short, it only lasted about 20 minutes.

More erotic fantasy than LitRPG

The first 50% of the story is the setup. The main character loses use of his legs, loses all his friends and family, then finds the latest full immersion VR game where he can walk again. It then jumps ahead in time two weeks where the main character is now level 7 Mesmer, a control class and he groups up with a hot female player looking for a mysterious tower for a quest.

The last 50% is a graphic sex scene where the main character uses his control spells to get the female player he’s with to have sex with him in game after they unlock a patch for the game that lets players use their spells on each other.

As far as a short story can, it describes the game mechanics of a control class and status screen. The main character does gain more power when he unlocks new content for the game. However, all that is in the first 15 pages. The rest is just a sex scene.

The story technically qualifies as LitRPG but it’s sort of disappointing. I like the idea of a story describing how a control class would fare in a game world where there’s full on PVP. This story barely touches on that though. The story is just too short and over half of it is dedicated to the sex, which is just disappointing to me.

Score: 5 out of 10.

Master Of The Game (Gabria Online Book One)