Questing: A LITRPG Novella

A LIRTRPG novel that has the protagonist Anon making his way through a new virtual game world, There are no gold farmers, no alts and no overpriced economy, at least not yet. Anon is not in a hurry to level but is content to enjoy the game and explore the new world at his own pace. But like all new games, there are bugs and problems. As he quests and explores he also begins to change. Is he changing the game, or is the game changing him.

My Opinion: 118 pages, $2.99, available on Kindle Unlimited

This the story of Annon and his first couple quests in the most advanced full immersion VR game

Game mechanics seem just a little bit off and the main character gets a little overpowered rather quickly. Why is a level one character hitting consistently for 55-80 damage?

Later in the story it feels a little more like traditional fantasy but it’s still a good read. The main character goes through starting towns, training in the big city and on a variety of quests dealing with smelly trolls, cute vampires, and ghosts. I had a good time reading it and would recommend it to anyone that has Kindle Unlimited. I’d give it a 6 out of 10.

Questing: A LITRPG Novella