Benvari Mountains (Book 2 in the Emerilia series)

As the fight for Boran-al’s Citadel draws to a close Dave’s learned one important lesson. To protect what he cares for, he’s going to have to become stronger.

He can’t just sit back in Cliff-Hill and take things easy. Emerilia is filled with danger as well as possibilities.

It’s time Dave became a Master Smith.

My Opinion: 366 page, $4.99, available on Kindle Unlimited.

The last 10% of the novel is a glossary of characters and boy will you need it. One of the few complaints I have about the story is that there are just so many characters to keep track of.

Book 1: Focuses on the main character establishing a home for himself that expands into a community of elves, dwarves, and eventually players. The big event is a raid on a dark citadel.

Book 2: Journey to Benvari Mountains. A much smaller group goes off on a journey so that Dave can learn how to be a master Dwarven Smith. They have some interesting adventures along the way during the first half of the book and get into a lot of crafting in the second half.

Simply put, I enjoyed this novel. It had less action than book 1 but a lot more crafting. It was an interesting journey to take with Dave on his path to become a master dwarven smith. The growth of all the other characters was also very interesting to read about. I can’t wait to read the next book when it comes out later this month Feb, 2017. The author has stated that he plans to put out a new novel in this series on a monthly basis starting in March, so we’ll all have plenty read about in the Emerilia series.

Score: 8 out of 10.

Benvari Mountains (Book 2 in the Emerilia series)