Killing Pawns

Mel wields incredible strength in Eden, but as a gladiator, she will be reminded that power is only a fleeting illusion.

Eden was built as the perfect fantasy reality. Instead of being a means of entertainment for its players, it became a world where the rich extort the poor to fight and die for their own amusement.

As a pawn, your life is your own. But death in the game doesn't mean you reload and start over. When you die in Eden, you die in the real world. Sometimes survival comes at the cost of another's life.

What will you leave behind when the only certainty in life is your death?

My Opinion: This great standalone story that centers around Mel, the mighty female gladiator in the game world Eden. This story explores what happens when you prefer your digital persona over your real life self.

This is a short read. I’d estimate it was about 82 pages for $2.99. It is available on Kindle Unlimited. If you have Kindle Unlimited, this is a good short read. Otherwise it’s overpriced.

Score: 6 out of 10

Killing Pawns