Tec Mage

Knowledge, what is its true worth, power, wealth or maybe pride. Ben may find the answer in Royal Road.

My Description: Ben, an orphan, is taken under the wing of great contractor until he learns all about the business. Ben is even promoted to foreman, only to lose the position because of nepotism and not having a college degree. He enters a MMORPG for the extra time to study in order to get the necessary degrees that he lacks but ends up using expanding his game skills and adventuring.

My Opinion: This is a great story that focuses mostly on crafting/construction and the main characters interactions with other characters and NPCs. The MC takes on some apprentices early in the story and has unique non-violent interactions with monsters. There is fighting and action but it’s a smaller part of the story.

Beware: There are regular issues with spelling in this story. I’d estimate that there are at least one or two misspelled or incorrectly autocorrected words in each paragraph. That may be a deal breaker for some people. For me, I just made the corrections in my head every time I came across them. The story is worth overlooking this to me.