Loser of Tarinath

When Jake is sentenced to a virtual world for crimes he definitely did commit, he finds that one bad decision puts him on a path he would never have picked for himself.

Virtual reality worlds have become the preferred way of disposing of excess people, and some of the worlds are better than others. Jake finds himself in the swords and sorcery world of Tarinath, living not as the warrior he would have preferred, but as a healer with little ability to do the damage he so wished he could.

My Opinion: The story has an interesting setting where all the ‘players’ are criminals sentenced to life in this MMO world. Many are abusing the NPCs and even other players. The main character is also a criminal but he has a heart of gold. Instead of abusing the NPCs he treats them like sentient creatures and creates a community for himself with them. Also, turns out being the only player with the healer class gives him a big advantage against other players.

The story has good action scenes and considers the moral and social consequences of being an immortal player. Town building is also an important part of the story. I enjoyed the story a lot and the author publishes a couple new long chapters every month.