The Defective Hermit

Vincent Standish had faced a lot of disappointments during the last five years. But things were finally starting to look up for him and in a big way too. While working the late shift at his second part time job, as a cashier in a gas station, on a whim he bought a lottery ticket which had a jackpot that had grown extremely large.

Disappointed in people, it was his avowed goal to be a hermit and shun the world. Too bad for his dreams that only a year after winning the lottery, all of humanity started seeing colored text messages before their very eyes, messages that warned of dire things to come.

My Opinion: This is an interesting mix of LitRPG and a survivalist story. The world is changing. People get different color status screens depending on how good or evil they were. Everything above steam engine and black powder will not work soon. The main character happens to have enough money to prep and take in people to form a community in this new LitRPG world. The first three chapters are about prepping the area and setting up a functioning community with old tech. The action and fighting starts in chapter 4. I liked the story but I know it won’t work for everyone. If you’re looking for something different to read try this one out.