Cheating Monster

Follow Kneeko, a formerly dead man who used to live as a digitized consciousness, dwelling in online worlds commonly known as VRMMOs, who has now returned to the real world with a new body. He now live a comfortable life, working for his father’s company as a ‘competition crusher’.

His job description, ”to hack and create chaos in their competitor’s VRMMO worlds.”

Everything would seem as if he Kneeko had finally met a good ending, but how did having lived for over 10,000 in-game years affect his ancient mind.

My Opinion: Kneeko is a guy who’s gone fully digital. He’s being transferred into the latest MMO on the market. One his father helped create. He is not going to be any regular player though. Instead he’s one of the monsters. He starts out as a tadpole and evolves.

The story was fun and very interesting. I looked forward to seeing what the main character would evolve into next. Be warned, about Chapter 40 there are some sex scenes. I skipped that part.