The Bathrobe Knight

Darwin, a video game addict, was sitting in his bathrobe and slippers playing his favorite MMO on a Christmas night when an uninvited guest breaks into his house to steal his belongings. After the scuffle is over he finds himself transported into one of the sword and magic RPG-style MMOs that he has always loved to play, albeit one he has never heard of, where he has to overcome trials and tribulations at every turn as he fights for his life alongside new companions.

My Opinion: Fun, funny action adventure story that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Takes the ‘trapped in a game world’ theme and does some interesting things with it. I especially like that the author creates a community around the main character that helps him put down roots in the world. There’s the standard leveling and adventuring, but there’s also a larger world building theme I enjoy.

Score: 7 out of 10

The Bathrobe Knight: Volume 1

The Bathrobe Knight: Volume 2

The Bathrobe Knight: Volume 3