At eighteen years old, Nash Smoak maintained three jobs. He worked as an assistant to the cook in a small diner, he was shadily hired as a construction worker, and worked as an attendant at a game arcade. Nash needed to take on these jobs in order to support his two brothers and sickly Grandma. Ever since the tragic accident of his parents’ death, he took it upon himself to support his family. After being worked to the bone, Nash found a sacred place, his paradise of relief - the virtual reality world of Zectas. However, his only sanctuary was destroyed when a group of high-level players used him as bait in one of their quests. Nash was captured and tortured by a sadistic Boss monster! Little did they know that this incident would cause the birth of the Legendary User Smoke!

My Opinion: A “I was wronged by other player so now I’m going to level up and gain power to get my revenge” stories, but done well. An action oriented story with a very interesting skill system and great fights. The only downside I found was that because there are a lot of named NPC side characters, I kind of lost track of who was who as the series progressed.

Score: 7 out of 10

Zectas Volume I: Enigmatic Village of Nanahuatl

Zectas Volume II: The Heraldic City of Coatl

Zectas Volume III: Malediction of Veneficatl Valley

Zectas Volume IV: The Salubrious City of Centzo

Zectas Volume V: The Sequestered Seminary of Sawtorn