Phantom Server

He is a cyber dweller. A gamer who's grown up in the web of virtual illusion woven from hundreds of phantom worlds. His biggest dream is to dump the real world for good.

His desperate hunger of new experiences forces him to take a risk and become one of the first proud owners of a neuronet implant. The new gadget becomes part of him - but soon it's not enough. If only he could finally burn all his bridges and make a step beyond the real world!

He soon gets this opportunity. A new universe, overflowing with mystery and unimaginable, mind-blowing authenticity, opens up before him.

My Opinion: Great sci-fi adventure story. Really enjoyed all the interesting tech skills available. The growth of the main character feels very natural and not over powered.

Score: 7 out of 10


Edge of Reality (Phantom Server: Book #1)

The Outlaw (Phantom Server: Book #2)

Black Sun (Phantom Server: Book #3)