Critical Failures

One minute, they're drinking away the dreariness of their lives, escaping into a fantasy game and laughing their asses off. The next minute, they're in a horse-drawn cart surrounded by soldiers pointing crossbows at them.

Tim now has the voice and physique of a prepubescent girl. Dave finds that while he lost a foot or two in height, he somehow acquired a suit of armor and a badass beard. Julian's ears have grown ridiculously long and pointy. And Cooper... well Cooper has gotten himself a set of tusks, a pair of clawed hands, and a bad case of the shits. He also finds that he's carrying a bag with a human head in it - a head that he had chopped off when they were still just playing a game.

Shit just got real, and if they want to survive, these four friends are going to have to tap into some baser instincts they didn't even know existed in their fast-food and pizza delivery world.

My Opinion: One of my favorite funny LitRPG novel series. The world these guys are trapped in is kind of a D&D knock off, which I LOVE. There is a lot of cursing and lots of funny moments. The level of humor is on par with a Kevin Smith movie. The audiobooks are really good too.

Score: 7 out of 10

Critical Failures (Caverns and Creatures Book 1)

Critical Failures II (Caverns and Creatures Book 2)

Critical Failures III (Caverns and Creatures Book 3)

Critical Failures IV (Caverns and Creatures Book 4)


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