World of Valdira - Way of the Clan

A huge world full of adventures, ancient mysteries and monsters starving for your death. A world where everyone can make their biggest dream come true and become anyone they wish – a successful trader, a wise anchorite, a brave warrior or a battle mage who can control disastrous elemental powers. But don’t expect that the path to your dream will be easy and rosy. The path to the top is very long, if only you can ever reach it.    

My Opinion: If you can get past the beginning of the book you’ll enjoy the rest. For reasons I won’t spoil, the main character had to create a new character in the VRMMO world and is stuck in the beginning village. This leads him to the unusual experience of exploring all quests and opportunities there instead of just leaving to kill monsters for XP like everyone else. From this we get great stories and adventure.

Score: 7 out of 10

The Way of the Clan (World of Valdira)

The Way of the Clan 2 (World of Valdira)