Play to Live

Once a seasoned gamer and now a terminal cancer patient, Max grasps at this final chance to preserve his life and identity. So he goes for it - goes for the promise of immortality shared with a few trusty friends and the woman he loves. Together they roam the roads of AlterWorld (MMO) and sample its agony and ecstasy born of absolute freedom.

My Opinion: In this world people can decide to live permanently (called going Perma) in a VR world, leaving their bodies behind. Max, stricken with an incurable case of cancer, decides to try to go perma in a fantasy VRMMO. Max also chooses a difficult class/race combo that has big drawbacks but he brings out the best in his choice.

This is translated from a popular Russian series. You get your standard adventures and leveling up stuff but you also get an interesting view of what the consequences, socially and culturally, of being immortal in an VR world.

Score: 7 out of 10

AlterWorld (Play to Live: Book #1)(novel) or (Audiobook)

The Clan (Play to Live: Book # 2) (novel) (Audiobook)

The Duty (Play to Live: Book # 3) (novel)(Audiobook)

Inferno (Play to Live: Book # 4) (novel) (Audiobook)

The Battle (Play to Live: Book #5) (novel)

The War (Play to Live: Book #6) (novel)

The Ultimation (Play to Live: Book #7) (novel)