The Dragon's Wrath

When Brent Roth suffered a workplace accident that rendered him temporarily immobile, he found himself lying in bed dreaming of a better life. He dreamed of a life where maintaining his health was no longer a daily struggle, and then when he had lost all hope, he had discovered a new virtual reality game on the horizon. A VR-MMORPG that offered him everything he lacked in real life, everything that had eluded him. 

A world where he could find adventure, companionship, and success all wrapped up in the singular package of The Dragon's Wrath. The game offered him a chance, a chance for salvation… a glimmer of hope. 

My Opinion: Great series of novels. The main character is not overpowered but instead has to work hard in an area of the VR world most consider unfavorable, the cold frozen north. However, the main character makes it work all. Great description and use of skill system. Wonderful action/fight scenes. Love the use of NPCs, crafting, and trading in the story.

Score: 8 out of 10

Vol. 1 The Dragon's Wrath: A Virtual Dream

Vol. 2 The Dragon's Wrath: Ashes of the Fallen

Vol. 3 The Dragon's Wrath: Shadows in the Flame