Unwanted, orphan, poor these words were common to Derrick who if asked would had said the world is a cold place. He went to school and worked while moving from foster home to foster home. No friends and no family he had little in life. The other kids in school often talked about the new games but he would never have enough money to buy something like that but after saving up his money he bought an old outdated game system and found enjoyment in playing RPG's. After buying a new game at a pawn shop Derrick ran home to play it though as soon as he turned it on his life came to an abrupt end. Transported into another world Derrick found himself in a world not unlike an rpg. Felling no loss at the world he left behind he started to move in his new world as his guides helped him.

My Opinion: One of my favorite series of LitRPG novels. The leveling up, skill system, and relationships formed throughout each chapter are great. I find myself anxiously awaiting the release of each new chapter. Just to be clear, this is not a heavy epic story, it’s mostly just fun adventuring with a bit of harem side story thrown in.

Score: 7 out of 10

1. Reborn: God's Game

2. Reborn: New World

3. Reborn: Gambler's Game

4. Reborn: Devil's luck

5. Reborn: Devil's Blood

6. Reborn: Demon Core

7. Reborn: Knight’s Code

8. Reborn: Demon’s Heritage

9. Reborn: Demon’s Legacy

10. Reborn: Demonic Valor

11. Reborn: Flames of War

12. Reborn: War's Nightmare

The author has also put the books together to save the reader a little money.

Reborn Vol. 1-5

Reborn Vol. 6-10