Difficulty: Legendary

In the world of Re:Fuze, anything is possible. Fortunes can be made, and the most unlikely people can find glory in a land of swords and magic.

With low Job Qualification (JQ) scores and 2 years of national service looming, Eric Templeton knows he is doomed to a life of poverty. When he is given a chance to enter the game, he knows he has the opportunity to save his family from their desperate situation.

But when he enters the game, Eric isn’t spawned into the newbie camp of Blundow. Instead he is sent to the darkest regions of the map, filled with creatures beyond his level. He stumbles across a conspiracy that no newbie should ever see, and he knows that he can’t hope to survive.

My Opinion: 123 pages. $0.99 and available on Kindle Unlimited. The author notes on the book page that book 2 is already being written and is expected to be over 300 pages.

The book description on Amazon is slightly misleading. It is accurate but is only relevant to the first bit of the story. After much whining, the main character, dies, whines some more, then gets a mysterious second chance to re-enter the VR game and vows to get his revenge against the level 109 player that killed his last character. Only he gets a premade character with a set class. He whines about that too.

There are interesting elements of the novel that I feel have potential. Overall, I found the story to be...unsatisfying. I wouldn’t mind the whiny main character if he had time to grow and mature. Unfortunately, the novel ends before anything really substantial happens, including character development.

Score: 4 out of 10

Difficulty: Legendary http://amzn.to/2gjiQ5a