John Rickett

Grum: Suburban Sunderer (Savage Legends Book 2)

Savage Legends: Book 2

Two weeks after being transplanted to our world, Grum, a level-99 barbarian finds himself banished to his boss Eli’s suburban rental property with a laundry list of chores—and nothing to kill, except time.

But when Grum meets a crafty little girl named Romy, he learns of a hidden kingdom nestled in the woods at the end of Juniper Street. A kingdom that Romy insists is ripe for the taking—so long as Grum does exactly what she says.

WARNING: Contains 60% more BARBARIAN!, stat blocks, gamer jokes, drug use, sexual references, crude humor, idiocy, battle-axes, magic items and experience points.

Grum: Barbarian Barista: A litRPG Short Story

A reverse transported to an RPG world. Grum, a level 99 Barbarian with legendary gear,  is transported to our world after a nasty battle with an evil mage. He thinks a help wanted sign outside a coffee shop is a quest marker and ends up applying for a job as a barista. Can Grum use his RPG based view to master the intricacies of the job or will he forever remain a level 1 barista?