When Hell Froze: Bloody Benny Book 1


Beneficence Church, also known as Benny, is a special forces operative against the Demonic forces invading her people. That is until a mission behind enemy lines goes awry. Now a captive of the Demons, what will be her fate?

My Opinion: 211 pages, $3.00, Available On Kindle Unlimited

This starts out as a fantasy story where in some other dimension humans regularly fight with demons in a seemingly endless war. About 22% the main character gets captured by a demon and is gifted with the D.E.V.I.L. system which is just a RPG upgrade system. She then has to decide what powers and upgrades to take to either escape or help the demons. The MC has to work with the demon Lord because he has her squad hostage but it's interesting to see her learn about an enemy she'd been raised to think where mindless killing machines and fighting them most her life. 

The RPG stuff doesn't start till almost 22% into the story and the RPG system has several ways to increase power from gaining demon followers to killing enemies. Then applying the points gained to specific abilities and magic with clear descriptions.

Though I'll say I thought the premise of the story was interesting, and that the action is well written, it was challenging to get into the story. I just never really came to care about the MC. So even though she's a badass on the battlefield, I was never invested in her success and the RPG system wasn't interesting enough to stay engaged. 

Overall, while not a bad story, it didn’t work for me. In addition to not ever really caring about the MC, the RPG stuff took way too long to introduce and wasn’t that important to the story. It could have easily been replaced with a magic system. That plus the rushed ending and it was a miss for me.

Score: 6 out of 10

When Hell Froze: Bloody Benny Book 1