Village of Noobtown: A LitRPG Adventure (Mayor of Noobtown Book 2)


Well, it could be better. Jim and his literal shoulder demon have survived, so far, by the skin of their teeth. 

After finding a long-abandoned starter village, Jim has begun the process of rebuilding his town. Unfortunately, for our favorite adventurer, the threats he now faces are far more complicated than mere monsters. The poor Noob has to deal with angry townsfolk, trade negotiations, and a talking badger.

With goblins and bandits also sniffing around, will Noobtown, I mean Windfall, survive?

My Opinion: 551 pages, $2.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

Overall a good sequel too book 1. The beginning is a little tedious,  but it is meant to be to reflect the reality of trying to run a town and address the daily needs of a large group. But it is also not super fun to read. After the 6% mark things get back to more adventuring and it’s better. The big highlight of the story is the humor which returns and even increases as the MC has another companion to banter and joke with. There is a lot of good town building mechanics as town gains 3 levels and Mc can select town specializations and perks. Good RPG progression from the MC as he expands into the magic classes, I particularly liked the biological aeromancy jokes. The end of the story felt a bit rushed, with several of the story threads being resolved with in few pages when their setup took chapters.

Score: 7.7 out of 10

Village of Noobtown: A LitRPG Adventure (Mayor of Noobtown Book 2)