The Crafting of Chess: A LitRPG adventure


Nate wants more to life than moving from town to town, hustling chess with his con-man grandfather or wagering pick-up games online. A new immersive game opens up the chance to bring in a steady paycheck. Maybe enough to convince his grandfather to stay straight. Little does he know how his actions will change his life.

A GameLit coming of age story.

My Opinion: 291 pages, $3.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

The story will absolutely appeal to LitRPG readers that like crafting. Like, that’s what most of the story revolves around. There is little to no combat in the story but there is still adventure/conflict as the main character (MC) is put in some interesting positions. He has to navigate politics and factions with NPCs. He has to fend off and manage greedy players that will betray him for a chance at his enchanted gear. NPCs and Players alike want to use him for their own purposes, when all he wants to do is improve his crafting and enchanting skills so that he can make a living selling it at auction.

Overall, a gem of a crafting story. It has great details about crafting and enchantment abilities without it being too realistic. The story still has familiar game mechanics like stats, levels, XP, quest and item notifications. I will note that the crafting storyline minimizes near the last 20% of the novel as the focus shifts to completing the ‘plot’ with the Kingmaker contest and I was just less interested in that aspect.

Score: 7.5 out of 10

The Crafting of Chess: A LitRPG adventure