Bounty Harlot: A World of Brutalia LitRPG


A world unlike any other...

A LitRPG unlike any other...

"Welcome to Brutalia, the world that lets your inner brute roam free." Tasha skimmed the text quickly, rushing over the history of MMORPGs (she had heard Misha use the term before and had a sense of it), how Brutalia was essentially a very cool RPG, with a twist: It was adult-only, and it had no rules of ethics attached to it. Anything went: Say what you like, and more importantly, do what you like. "Especially with female NPCs and, yes, PLAYER CHARACTERS: Do with them as you wish (they're here because they like it, if you get our drift)." Wow, she thought. Pretty tacky. And she, for one, wasn't here of her own volition. In the section on "Doing with the ladies as you please," she came to a paragraph on her own character class: "You'll especially enjoy the Harlot class of character, and we really do mean enjoy. Her ability to please is non-pareil (another reason for you to look into our patented Full Immersion Experience option), but even if you can't afford her, fear not. In Brutalia, you're allowed to take the Harlot class any way you can get her."

Life, death, the nature of reality...and battles with flying monkeys...


My Opinion: 114 pages, $2.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

Warning: Lots of cursing, some graphic sex, and many attempts to rape.

This is a trapped in the game novel set in a game world who’s only distinguishing characteristic is that it allows for rape of all the female NPCs and female players.

There are a few poorly written graphic sex scenes but that’s not the main focus of the story though sex is referred to a lot in the novel. The main character (MC) is a girl that gets kidnapped in real life but injures herself when she tries to escape, so the bad guys put her into this game with the character class Harlot. She has to constantly fend off the attempts of other players who try to rape her throughout the entire story. She tries to level up with the help of an NPC she falls in love with and has sex with sometimes. Her goal is to get help from the outside world to find and free her from the bad guys.

The game mechanics and action aren’t anything special. Though RPG mechanics are used through the story. The only thing about the game world that is different than any other MMO is that it allows and encourages a rape culture in game.

Overall, this story just doesn’t seem to know what it wants to be. Is it a sexy time story? A female driven action story? Because it doesn’t focus on any one of those aspect, it doesn’t do either well.

That just made it unentertaining for me. What pushes into dislike is the message in the novel that if the MC gets raped, it’s her own fault for not fighting hard enough against her attackers, and that she might have secretly wanted it.

Score: 4 out of 10

Bounty Harlot: A World of Brutalia LitRPG