Kingdom Level Four: LitRPG


Kingdom Building 101

Rob's grasp on his fledgling kingdom is tenuous, at best.

Expansion is impossible thanks to an angry war-clan of goblins encroaching on the eastern border. Also, monsters and bandits run rampant within the valley threatening his subjects.

And since trade is nonexistent and supply lines are dead, the ramshackle village must be kick-started into an economically viable town – one that generates income for the meager royal treasury, instead of sapping it.

Solving these problems is his responsibility or the kingdom will never reach level five.

But there's a larger concern which casts a dark cloud over everything.

His is not the only kingdom and neighboring rulers have started to view this janitor-turned-king as either an exploitable ally...

… or easy prey.


My Opinion: 332 pages, $3.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

There’s finally some actual kingdom building as the main character (MC), Rob, does a bunch of quests to find a special item that will let him upgrade his village to a kingdom and unlock a bunch of town building options in his ruler interface. However, the small bit of town building doesn’t happen till the very end of the novel.

Most of this is slice of life adventuring to get the MC up to level 6 so he can find that special item he needs. You can actually skip everything from 20% to the 79% and the advancement of the plot wouldn’t suffer. Not to say all that questing and adventuring is boring, but it’s nothing that is really needed for the story. It’s good fun slice of life stuff that you can skip if you really just wanted to see what was happening with the bigger plot.

Overall, i thought it was a good read. But I also like slice of life stories. I should warn you that the story takes a super dark turn in the last 7% of the novel.

Score: 7 out of 10

Kingdom Level Four: LitRPG