Tris the Tinker: A Veilwalkers Short Story


One night. One item. One last heist.

After searching the world for clues and ingedients, Tris is one item away from crafting the Veil’s most powerful artifact: an Infinity Potion. Good thing she knows just where to find one.

The annual Flower Festival is coming up, and the guards protecting the Crystals will be celebrating as well. All she has to do is go to the festival, make some small talk, then slip away to grab the Crystal. Easy, right?

When Tris’s plan goes awry and a forgotten evil attacks the Festival, Tris must choose: the ultimate prize, or the lives of those around her.


My Opinion: 27 pages, $0.00, Not Available on Kindle Unlimited

Tris is trapped in a world where RPG rules apply to the world. She only needs one more rare ingredient for a powerful magic potion. Unfortunately, during the heist evil monsters attack and she has to decide between stealing the last ingredient she needs and escaping unnoticed or revealing herself to help the innocent’s escape.


It’s likely a promotional piece to advertise the authors LitRPG novel Lost Archive and get people to sign up for the author’s newsletter.

Still, it’s a good short story, available for free. I actually liked this more than I did the larger novel. The short story is concise but doesn’t sacrifice the RPG mechanics. The action is well written and there’s enough new exploration of the Tinker class that I wanted to play the class myself.  Plus, it’s free.

Score: 7 out of 10

Tris the Tinker: A Veilwalkers Short Story