Slime Tamer's Chronicles : Volume 1 (Slime Tamer 's Chronicles )

Living a hellish life with his abusive father. Our protagonist lives a closed off life but not a NEET's life. He trains everyday until finally he was ready.

Killing his father he made sure that his mother who divorced was paid back for what his father did to them all.

Walking away to who knows where and dying from an accident.

Now follow the daily life of our MC as she tries to adapt to her new life in a new body and in a unique world.


My Opinion: 320 pages, $3.50, Not Available on Kindle Unlimited

Originally published on the Royal Road as a way to overcome writer’s block, it’s now on Amazon as a full novel. Volume 2 of the series is still.

This is a slice of life or daily adventure story. No real plot other than, let’s explore this magical RPG world.

The beginning of the story is really straight forward and interesting. A male teen has a shitty life. His parents are divorced and he is beaten daily by his frustrated stockbroker dad who has sole custody of him. He trains in secret to learn martial arts and then kills his dad when he next comes to hit him. He sells off all dad’s stocks and sends the money to his mom. While on his way to leave the city he is killed by a truck in an auto collision.

The God of reincarnation, puzzled by the balanced karma of the kid, reincarnates him into a new game world. The MC is cursed with a low physical score but blessed with high magical affinity and a peaceful aura that ensures no animals in the world will attack him. Meshes with his natural affinity for animals. Also, reincarnated as a girl. LOL.

From the 3- 24% mark, the MC is learning about her new RPG world, her OP magic, making friends and family, and learning she has a special knack for slime training. It’s cute and even funny sometimes.

After the 24% mark, the story skips ahead three years and it turns into a magical academy story. There are still some interesting and funny parts here (battles, dungeon making, Mario kart race) but it’s mostly slice of school life stuff and it’s just not as interesting to me personally.

Score: 6 out of 10.

Slime Tamer's Chronicles : Volume 1 (Slime Tamer 's Chronicles )