Fistin' the Furious (Caverns and Creatures)


You never really know another person until you've walked a mile in their shoes... or at least fondled their junk. Tim and the C&C gang find themselves elbow deep in a bad situation. Will they have what it takes to pull themselves out?


My Opinion: 50 pages, $0.99, Not available on Kindle Unlimited

Our favorite group of inappropriate friends has been hired to help some lady deal with her brothers. And by 'deal with' I mean murder. Or at least help dispose of the bodies.

Only when the group gets there they find an inbred family that intends to Freaky Friday the group.


Fyi, lots of potty humor and cursing in the story. This one didn’t quite hit my funny bone the way the other short stories did. Not bad, but not as funny as the other stories.

Score: 6 out 10.

Fistin' the Furious (Caverns and Creatures)