Endgame: A LitRPG Adventure (The Crucible Shard Book 7)

The epic conclusion to the Crucible Shard

The war for control of the multiverse is finally coming to a head. What started for Liam as a game has become for King Liam something far more personal, a fight for the home he has made for himself and those he cares for. This conclusion to the saga brings more of what has defined the Crucible Shard series, hard decisions and complex choices as the lines between the hero, anti-hero, and villain blur even more.


My Opinion: 198 pages, $3.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

This is the end folks. The last novel in the Crucible Shard series. It’s been a long, sometimes very weird journey but this novel nicely wraps things up. All the threads are brought together and you finally get to see Elora’s master plan. All the character’s from the other novels come back and you see what happens to each and how they play into the finale. It’s not a perfect ending. Heck, it’s a bit messy in places.

Quote from one of the characters at the end summarizes the last book in this series well. “I know it’s not the best ending. I tried, I really tried, but most alternatives were so much worse.”

As a fiction story, it’s good. It’s messy, weird, and while not perfect is a satisfying end to the series. As a sci-fi story, it would get a 7 out of 10.

However, there’s are no game mechanics in the story. Instead, the story pops around a vast multiverse of fantasy and sci fi worlds.The closest it comes to game mechanics are the Game Vision glasses the MC uses to see people’s names and get small descriptions.

As LitRPG it gets a Score: 4 out of 10

Endgame: A LitRPG Adventure (The Crucible Shard Book 7)