Eden's Gate: The Sparrow: A LitRPG Adventure

After accepting the fact that he will never know his old reality again, Gunnar looks forward to building a new life inside Eden's Gate.

It's time to form a guild, gather resources, and earn the acceptance of the Edgewood inhabitants.

If only things were that easy...

The dark elves aren't thrilled about having humans in Edgewood, the mine isn't vacant, and you can't form a guild without at least a few guild mates.

Will Gunnar pursue Adeelee? Is Rachel still out there somewhere? And who is Jax exactly? Could he really be a Sparrow?


My Opinion: 351 pages, $4.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

Gunnar Long was once human, now his body on earth is dead and his mind is trapped in a full immersion VR game called Eden’s Gate. He’s what the fully sentient A.I. NPCs in the game call, a reborn. Having accepted his fate as a full time resident in this world, Gunnar has found a few friends and a place to build a home.

Now, he’s expanding his ambitions by forming a guild and working out plans to expand his new home into a place people will come to for trade and crafting. However, questions remain about his old friend Jax and his connection to the band of killers and thieves, The Sparrows.


This was such a joy to read. Even though it’s listed as being over 300 pages long, it went by in a flash. From the first pages of the story, it felt like I was meeting up with old friends that I hadn’t seen in months and we went on some adventures.

This is not an epic story about saving the world, it’s just the story of one ambitious player, Gunnar, and his adventures in Eden’s Gate. There are lots of great fights, crafting, a little flirting with an elf princess, community building, and some follow up with storylines from the last novel. There’s also the introduction of a new player, who may or may not have slightly skewed morals.

There’s a tiny bit of story from the real world but most of the story is set in the game, which I really liked.

Overall, this was a really great read. The world building done makes the characters feel real and I want great things to happen for my buddy Gunnar. For me, it was like relaxing with some friends and I really can’t wait to hangout with them again in the next book.

Score:8 out 10

Eden's Gate: The Sparrow: A LitRPG Adventure