Stone Raider's Return (Emerilia Book 6)

As the Stone Raiders have grown in power they have started to attract the eyes of established powers. Gudalo has become a vipers nest of schemers as the Gudalo Kingdom’s situation turns dire.

They might have fled the Selhi Capitol, but as Selhi is learning, one doesn’t simply get away with acting out against the Stone Raiders.

Dave and Party Zero continue to grow in power, finally free from the battles helping the Aleph, Demons and Beast Kin they are now free to work on their own skills and their new guild hall.

As the Stone Raider’s Return, their choices and actions will either lead them to become the most powerful guild Emerilia has seen, or be wiped out by those that oppose them.


My Opinion: 333 pages, $4.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

Full disclosure, I received an advanced copy of the novel for review, but purchased it once it became available.

After the Battle of Devil’s Crater, the Stone Raider's Guild continues to make connections with new allies and build up their guild, and people. However, all their plans for advancement have made them new enemies. Lord Esamael’s trade monopoly was hurt when the Stone Raiders built a new teleport pad near his. Not only does this ambitious lord want on overthrowing his king, he’s also planning on taking revenge on the Stone Raiders on his way to the throne.


The first 20% of the novel is almost entirely updates. There are so many people and groups in this story that it takes that long to update the reader on what everyone is doing.

At the 40% mark the novel shifts into about two months worth of preparation and training. Everyone in the guild gets training galore. Dave learns new skills, gets loads of stats, and crafts some pretty nifty stuff. The Stone Raider’s Guild also builds a hub that they plan to make the center of Emerilla and there’s lots of construction stuff. There are personal developments for characters you’ve come to like, including some that just made me go ‘Awwwww’.

At the 60% mark,  Lord Esamael finally makes his grab for power and not only attacks his own king but the Stone Raiders too. Lots and lots of fighting.  If you were looking forward to seeing Lord Esamael get his due, you won’t be disappointed.

Overall, a good story if you enjoy crafting, kingdom building, and action.

Score: 7 out of 10.

Stone Raiders' Return (Emerilia Book 6)