Zero God (A LitRPG tale): Awakening (Digital Realms)

Upon awakening in a mysterious forest Izack must come to grips with life inside "Guardians of Atmos", an online MMO. In a world that seems straight out of a video game, the hardest lessons will teach him the way of the world in this LitRPG adventure.


My Opinion: 78 pages, $2.99, Not Available On Kindle Unlimited

One of the major flaws of this short story is that it’s severely overpriced. In addition to the price, the story is full of grammar and spelling errors. I’m pretty tolerant of an error here and there but in this case, there’s at least one grammar, spelling, or tense error every other paragraph.  

Now, putting aside those glaring writing flaws, the story isn’t horrible. It reminds me of a simplified version of Sword Art Online. The main character wakes up not remembering anything and finds out he’s trapped in a game and if his play time counter reaches zero, he dies permanently. The story doesn’t have a cohesive plot, as much as it is a series of events that happen to the main character Izack over the course of 78 pages. There’s pet raising, PKers, permadeath, combat training, and a little crafting.

The game mechanics are skill based without levels. There are no details that describe damage, stats, or any real hard numbers. The closest you get to that are the skill descriptions, which are still rather vague.

Story wise, it’s decent. Not anything amazing but it has potential. There’s an openness to the magic and skill system that has good storytelling potential. If it weren’t for the price I’d be able to recommend it. But at $3.99 for only 78 pages, it’s overpriced for too little story.

Score: 6 out of 10.

Zero God (A LitRPG tale): Awakening (Digital Realms)