Reincarnation:RPG Part 2: A Short Story

John died and was reincarnated into the world that resembles his favorite RPG. Too bad he was only brought to this world to be food for a god. Luck and quick wit kept him alive and now he finds himself in world where stats work similar to video games. However, surviving in this world won’t be easy and there are others with their own plans for a hero from another world.


My Opinion:  About 30 pages, $0.00 right now, normally $0.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

Book 2- At the beginning of this story, the author says you can get Part 1 for free but you have to sign up for the author’s newsletter.

A short story, that’s a quick 10-minute read. It has lots of references that are from book 1 that are sort of explained but as far the reader knows the main character is just an overpowered character with a seemingly infinite amount of skills that’s been transported to a fantasy world ruled by game rules. He barely starts to understand how the world works and finishes his first quests when the story ends.

The story world has promise and is definitely more LitRPG than book 1 but it’s too short to really enjoy. Plus the requirement that you sign up for the author’s reading list before you can get book 1 seems pretty fishy.

Score: 6 out of 10.

Reincarnation:RPG Part 2: A Short Story