World Keeper: Birth of a World

Join Dale Mitchell, your run of the mill truck driver. Until one day, he accidentally runs someone over. Now, through a series of strange and unforeseeable circumstances, he has become anything but normal.

A story of magic, of a history that never was, and of a man trying to go through the day to day life while managing the affairs of an entire world. Join Dale Mitchell on his journey.


My Opinion: 589 pages, $3.99, Not available on Kindle Unlimited

Are you a fan of Civilization, Topia, or Banished? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to really create your own world from scratch and influence the people that live there? If so, then this is just the novel for you. Justin Miller takes those ideas and applies an ever loving dose of LitRPG goodness to it.

The main character of World Keeper, Dale, accidently kills the creator of our world and takes up the mantel of World Keeper. He designs and creates a new fantasy world that has elves, beastmen, humans and of course magic.

Eventually, he’ll compete with other world keepers that have created their own worlds in realm on realm battles but for now he’s focused on his worlds development.

Occasionally, Dale, descends to his world to build up his own strength and unlock features the regular sentients haven’t yet. Though this is a risky move because while he can directly help the people of his world this way, this is also the only time he can be killed.

Justin Miller’s writings are among my all time favorites and he never fails to explore some of the more interesting aspects of gaming culture and the logical places these wish fulfillment stories would go.

This is a specialty novel, you have to really like city and world creation games for it to appeal to you. There’s very little fighting. Instead, it’s a story about resource management, the development of civilization, and the unintended consequences of a creator’s decisions on the development of a world.


Score: 7 out of 10

World Keeper: Birth of a World