Primal Gaming - The Murder of Timothy Smithton: Part One

A satirical LitRPG erotica crime thriller novella. A lot of genres for one story, huh?

Shaun Winter, a detective in the real world who is just trying his best to stay off people's radars, and a Lady of the Night in game, and no, that wasn't his choice. Shaun hates the game, but when Timothy Smithton, a dear... acquaintance of Shaun is murdered and the only lead available is in Primal's 50s America mode 'Golden Age' he has to suck up his deep disdain for the game and pull on a corset and heels.


My Opinion: 127 pages, $0.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

Priced ok but real simply not LitRPG. It’s not bad erotica but the VR mostly serves as a medium to explore sexual fantasy. A male detective goes undercover online as a female sex worker to get close to the bad guys. The extent of game stuff is that the story exists in a VR world. No game mechanics, no levels, no stats, no XP, nothing. It’s just a place the story takes place.

If you want to read some LitRPG erotica, I’d suggest reading Scottie Futch’s Galataea series and Freelance Saga.

Primal Gaming - The Murder of Timothy Smithton: Part One