Eyrth Online: The Memoirs of Lawrence Wrath (1st Playlist)

My name is Lawrence Wrath, and these are my memoirs. Why do you care about me you say? Well, I am one of the most famous players in EYRTH ONLINE the most popular VRMMORPG in existence. Come join me on a magic carpet ride that is limited only by your imagination!

If you love action, adventure, romance, nerd love, and snarky comedy you've come to the right place. This is a monthly serial that will take between 1 - 2 hours to read. The next episode will come out on the 1st of each month.

I have an attached playlist that needs a Spotify account to use.


My Opinion: 97 pages, $1, Available on Kindle Unlimited

An interesting experiment to have a set Spotify playlist for your novel. Each chapter has a particular song that you’re supposed to play with it.

Normally, I read in a quiet, well-lit room, with a cup of tea. Or I have a speech to text program read to me as I work. So this was a very different way to experience a story. I got how each song, which I’d never heard before, was thematic of the chapter but the process didn’t really work for me. It was hard for me to enjoy the music and the story at the same time. But it was still a cool thing to try out.

If you’re the kind of reader that can do both, then maybe this experiment will be enjoyable for you.

The story is told in 1st person perspective and the main character has no problem breaking the fourth wall and talking directly to the reader. The story has a lot of the MC describing what he’s thinking in the moment. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it just feels random. There are a lot of grammar and punctuation problems. Sometimes one thought interrupts another thought in a sentence. You can tell the main character's thoughts tend to go in many directions at the same time.

It also takes a while to get into the game world.

  • The first 10% of the story has the main character telling the reader how awesome Eyrth Online is.

  • The next part of the story (Up to about the 52% mark) has the MC in the VR pod going through a series of tests that setup the system for him. Each scenario is more entertaining than that last and as each finishes the MC is rewarded with a unique title that confers a series of bonuses that I assume he’ll be able to use in the game. For example, for finishing the Ninja Warrior course in record time to the song “Weapon of Choice” the MC gets the title I’m a Legend in Japan which confers +10 to dexterity and wisdom. Plus he gets the Parkour skill.

  • Then character creation in which all 13 possible races are described in detail, each race’s history, and their racial benefits. Honestly, too long a section when the MC is only going to chose one of them and the rest of the races bonuses don’t matter to him.

  • Then MC chooses a difficulty setting with various bonuses associated with each.

  • You don’t actually get to the game world until about 80% into the novel and even then it’s just the MC’s first few minutes in the game

Even though there are stats used in the story, they don’t mean anything since the little time spent in the game world doesn’t reflect their use. Unfortunately, the story isn’t LitRPG but the author promises more stats, levels, and crafting in the next story in the serial. I look forward to reading the next story.

Score: 4 out of 10 as LitRPG but an entertaining, trippy, story.

Eyrth Online: The Memoirs of Lawrence Wrath (1st Playlist)