The Dungeon's Child (The Slime Dungeon Chronicles Book 3)

The dungeon adventures continue with Doc, Claire, and company. With the win over the Tomb of the Forgotten King, they are as strong and curious as ever. While the town recovers from the attack, Doc settles in with his new powers and improves hi dungeon to new levels. New slime evolutions, traps, and floors incoming!

Meanwhile, something is rising in the dark in Duren. To counter this, Prince James take the center stage and decides to have his coronation ceremony in the dungeon town. However, even he can't imagine the plans in motion that will soon engulf his city and country.

With all this happening, the mysterious cocoon in the dungeon has begun to hatch . .

My Opinion:  283 pages, $4.49, available on Kindle Unlimited

As the dungeon town recovers from the attack of the Undead Dungeon, Doc and Claire improve the dungeon itself and create new traps and monsters for the adventurers to try and conquer. In the meantime malevolent forces outside the city put their plans into motion.

  • This story was more succinct. It got right to all the parts of the story I love. The dungeon creation, creature evolutions, new traps, and new levels made by Doc.

  • One of the more common criticisms of book 2 was that there was too much time spent in the dungeon town. In book 3 more time spent in the dungeon. I’d say the ration of dungeon to outside world is about 70 - 30. Which I enjoyed.

  • Lots of great action and the author advances the plot of larger world.

  • There’s a new interesting dungeon character, who allows Doc a view of the outside world. It was a great choice by the author since we get commentary from Doc and Claire as this character explores the dungeon town.

  • No huge flaws in the story, solid game mechanics, only continuing commentary that there are a lot of characters to try and remember. But that’s more of a personal preference.

  • Won’t spoil the plot of the story but some of the story threads that have been teased in books 1 and 2 are finally coming together nicely.

  • The story gets a 8 out of 10.

  • The Dungeon's Child (The Slime Dungeon Chronicles Book 3).