For The Guild (Emerilia Book 3)

After four months of training, Party Zero is ready to join up with the Stone Raiders and test out their newfound power.

Forces have their eyes on the Stone Raiders for their own reasons. The Stone Raiders and Party Zero will be vital to the plans of higher powers and the future of Emerilia. They just have to survive long enough to make it there.

A series of events are set into motion that will change the world, and just maybe the Universe.

My Opinion: 440 pages, $4.99, available on Kindle Unlimited

Dave and the Stone Raiders get a unique quest to help restore the homes of the feared techno race, the Aleph, before they’re released back into Emerilia. However, in addition to that challenge the guild is also being targeted by Player Killer guild. Who are out to make a name for themselves by killing the Stone Raiders.

  • Dave get his class as he finally applies some of those stat points he’s been hoarding and reaches level 10.

  • More crafting and fighting!

  • Finally we get to have our first glimpses at the universe outside Emerilia as Dave makes contact with the humans who are in hiding throughout the galaxy.

  • I like the techno theme that the Aleph facilities introduce.

I give For The Guild (Emerilia Book 3) an 8 out of 10.