Dungeon Lord (The Wraith's Haunt - A litRPG series Book 1)

Dark forces have extended Edward Wright an offer of incredible power at a terrible cost...

...and Edward has chosen to make them regret it.

When Edward is swept into the world of Ivalis as a Dungeon Lord, the Dark's most powerful servant, he has no servitude in mind. He'll oppose the evil plans of the Dark god Murmur, whatever it takes.

Through only his wits and his guts to help him survive a weakened arrival, Edward must rise to power if he is to earn the right to live another day.

But in the battle between Dark and Light, what can Edward choose if both sides are cruel, uncaring monsters?

Cold gods laugh in the distant world of Ivalis. Heroes chase after power and experience, while Kings send their armies to their deaths in the name of the Dark and the Light.

But no one expects the rise of the Dungeon Lord... And in the world of Ivalis, maybe a single man can forge his own path.


My Opinion: 323 pages, $4.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

Transported to a game world LitRPG with a light mix of dungeon master in it.

Even though it’s implied that this is a dungeon master story that aspect of the story is rarely used. So don’t expect a story like the Divine Dungeon series or The Slime Dungeon Chronicles. Instead being a dungeon lord, (or really just being able to make tunnels, summon a 1hp minion and make pacts with creatures) is used as a kind of super power for the character. He uses those powers to adventure in a fantasy world that seems opposed to him.

There are some interesting faustian themes of power corrupting and good people furthering evils cause. There’s also some rather graphic horror scenes, especially at the 70-73% mark.

Overall, a good action story. The mix of dungeon building powers with adventuring is interesting too.

Score: 7 out of 10.
Dungeon Lord (The Wraith's Haunt - A litRPG series Book 1)