Desert Born (Puatera Online Book 2)


With her charge, Alex, safely delivered, Maddie drowns her pain in a local bar. Leaving later that night only to discover Alex has been beaten and robbed, his own quest failed. Politics and cash aside, she aids him. Once more they cross the desert, this time where Tromoal and enemies are born.


My Opinion: 113 pages, $1.99, Available on Kindle Unlimited

Book 1 in the series got a 6 out of 10. Book 2 gets the same but for different reasons.

The novel starts off well enough. There’s some romance as the main character (MC), Maddie, finds Alex hurt in front of her car when she thought he’d left forever. She takes him to get healed and realizes how much she cares for him and he her. Nice.

The MC also has some very clear goals in this novel. Save the Tomoal (dragons). Get them some food to save their soon to hatch eggs. She has to rally the NPC community to get enough food for the entire clan. There are also some interesting revelations about why the MC  is special and why she has such an interesting connection with the dragons. Cool stuff. The story was legitimately on it’s way to a score of 7 out of 10.

**Spoiler ahead**

Then there’s this weird plot twist at the 75% mark that comes out of nowhere and is just such a head scratcher that it derails the story a bit. I mean i know a lot of authors like a plot twist at the 75% mark, but genetically modified man eating cows? Really?

There’s more to the twist and it leads to the addition of a cool dragon but It just feels like a way to delay the big resolution of the story to book 3.

Overall, the story is nice but it could have been good.

Score: 6 out of 10.

Desert Born (Puatera Online Book 2)