Delvers LLC: Adventure Capital


By working together, Henry Sato and Jason Booth have managed to survive their unwanted trip to Ludus, an experiment planet. However, Delvers LLC has made some enemies...if monsters, bandits, mages, criminals, bounty hunters, and even dark cults can be called, "some enemies."

After their latest battle, the two have been separated and must adapt or die. Henry in particular faces a trial by fire—perhaps literally—that may be impossible for him to overcome.

The two American men will face their greatest challenges yet while working as conscripted Berber Intelligence agents. But even while outnumbered, and most likely outgunned, the former veteran EMT and resilient IT programmer will be armed with modern Earth know-how.

Unknown horrors are descending on Ludus, but Delvers LLC won’t go down without a fight.


My Opinion: 408 pages, $5.98, Available on Kindle Unlimited

This is the third book in the Delvers LLC series and it’s a great action packed story. The first 30% of the story is a must more simple straightforward story featuring only two character thought dead in the last book. This section of the novel allows for some intense character development, especially of Tony, whom I’d thought was a throw away character.

All your favorite characters level up and gain new powers and abilities. Some of which lend to some cool abilities like metal and blood bending, clearly inspired by Avatar the last Air Bender but still cool to see in this universe.  There’s also some great crafting, which I’m a personal fan of.

There’s even the introduction of a cute animal companion that’s undoubtedly destined to become a plushy toy on the author’s site. I mean how can you not love the floating puppy badger of  Doom?

Overall, the story is actually a narrative of two story lines that merge near the end of the novel but are both great and take the story in some very interesting directions. Great action. Great character development. Great Story.

Score: 8 out of 10

Delvers LLC: Adventure Capital