The Accidental Mage: The Orb of Agner: Book 1

The world is obsessed with Hyperion's Keep, a virtual reality game that allows people to join a fantasy realm and make real money. The only issue is that if you die in The Game, you die in real life...

Follow Lorcan as he and his friend, Jacob, come of age and join Hyperion's Keep for the first time. All player classes are not created equal, and when Lorcan accidentally chooses Mage - the weakest class - will he be able to find success?

My Opinion: 33 pages, $0.99, available on Kindle Unlimited

Marcus chooses to play the most popular game in the world, a full immersion VR game where if you die in the game you die in real life. He also accidentally chooses the worst class in the game for his character and is stuck with it.

This one is really short. It has mostly 2 and 3 star reviews because it’s only 33 pages and just doesn’t have time to develop a story in that short of a time.

A good 20% of the already short novel is an information dump. Defining terms and telling the reader about the online game.

The author chose a very interesting combination of  ‘Die in game, Die in real life’ and ‘the character gets the worst class’ troupes. It’s not a combination you don’t see that often. Mostly because the two aren’t complimentary normally. Usually if you have the ‘bad class’ option, the character has the option to die repeatedly as a part of the learning process to work out the unique way to make their class shine. That doesn’t work in this case. So I’m was curious to see how the author melded the two. The answer, the author didn’t really.

I was ok with the few spelling and grammar errors. I was ok with the page count. I’m ok with the info dump. However, I’m not ok with the  abrupt ending where the best friend is suddenly killed by a group of thieves because they can ‘magically’ break the game rules by turning a PVE zone into a PVP area. Then somehow the main character survives by using the overpowered magical artifact they just happen to discover a page ago.

The end of the novel say that the author plans on releasing another story in this series later. I hope the story improves but I can’t recommend this one.

The Accidental Mage: The Orb of Agner: Book 1