Unbound Deathlord: Challenge

Jack’s parents went to disturbing lengths to impress the importance of sound business and political strategy, coupled with merciless execution.

It was a surprise to no one that he despised them for both their desired ends and their means; that as he grew older he began to rebel. A subtle act of insubordination here, running a street gang there, usual kid's stuff.

What was surprising was that after killing his parents, the weight of his guilt broke him.

Everyone told him it had just been an accident, and most of them even believed it, but none of that stopped him from turning his destructive tendencies inward.

His preferred method was binge drinking, and it served its purpose: A man so drunk he barely knows his own name isn't capable of feeling guilt it seemed.

One night in a drunken stupor someone introduced him to an even greater escape, online gaming. Immersing himself in it, he could finally forget who he was and what he'd done. In the game world, he could finally be free.

When V-soft announced Valia Online, the most ambitious game ever created and the Dreamer program that would allow players to stay in-game indefinitely Jack couldn't sign the contract fast enough.

He knew one thing for certain; once he was in he wouldn't be coming back out for a long time

My Opinion: At 675 pages, the story is reasonably priced at $5.99 (US). The book was runner-up for the Aspirant Award.

Originally a written on the royal road, the first book in the Unbound Deathlord series has only been improved with editing.

The main character Jack voluntarily enters a full immersion VR world as a Deathlord, a character race that is undead but not the wimpy skeleton or zombie undead. Instead, the Deathlords have long-term potential to be the most powerful race in the game. If they can survive the tough tutorial, the vampires that hate them, the other bound deathlords, and all the races of light that will try to kill them.

The story is full of action and excitement to keep you reading till the wee hours of the morning. The main character is a bit overpowered but it’s still a good story.

Score: 7 out of 10

Unbound Deathlord: Challenge